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An online poll restricted to pharmacist participation has shown that the vast majority of respondents feel that pharmacists should be included in National Medicines Information Services (NMIS).

The poll posed the question, ‘Do you feel the exclusion of pharmacists from NMIC services should be reversed?’ Ninety-two per cent of respondents, or 214 pharmacists, replied ‘Yes’, while 2.6 per cent, equivalent to six pharmacists, responded ‘No’ and 12 pharmacists (5.2 per cent) replied ‘Don’t know’.

Meanwhile, a separate poll also restricted to pharmacists asked participants to agree or disagree with the statement ‘Pharmacy staff should be supplied personal protective equipment by the HSE in light of WHO priorities, in which ‘Protecting health workers’ ranks as number one’. 

More than 92 per cent of participants responded ‘Agree’, equivalent to 238 pharmacists, while 11 — 4.3 per cent — chose ‘Disagree’. Eight pharmacists, or 3.1 per cent, responded that they were ‘Unsure’.

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