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The European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) has announced that registration and abstract submissions are now open for its 25th anniversary annual congress, scheduled to be held in Vienna, Austria, on 24-27 March 2021.

The congress will feature an international delegation of hospital pharmacists, as well as pharmacists from other disciplines, and the EAHP has said the congress enables collaboration and research across the hospital pharmacist field to come together.

Titled ‘Hospital Pharmacy 5.0: The Future of Patient Care’, the congress will address a range of topics, such as antimicrobial resistance and compounding, said Dr Petr Horák, EAHP President.

“Now we see the possibilities of 3D printing for manufacturing medical devices and protective equipment, we see modern ways of compounding, possibly saving us from the impact of medicines shortages…” said Dr Horák.

“Artificial intelligence, mHealth, 3D printing, personalised medicine — all of these will influence our work towards the optimal outcomes for our patients and have the potential to change our workflows profoundly.

“The Congress will also cover the ongoing challenges in our work, like tackling antimicrobial resistance, delivering seamless care, raising the quality of hospital pharmacy compounding, moving forward in advances in clinical pharmacy, or the increasing role of hospital pharmacists in the multidisciplinary teams in hospital and on the
interface with community or outpatient settings, just to name some of them.”

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