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Pharmacists are increasingly concerned that people awaiting Covid-19 test results continue to present at pharmacies, and the Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) is reiterating the HSE message that anyone awaiting Covid-19 test results must self-isolate, which means staying indoors and completely avoiding contact with other people. The IPU said this includes not visiting the pharmacy, which will help to protect others.

Community pharmacist and IPU Executive Committee member Ms Caitriona O’Riordan said: “We fully understand that people have become even more reliant on their local community pharmacy during the pandemic, as we are the most accessible healthcare providers and have played a critical role in supporting people during this health crisis.

However, we urge people to follow HSE advice and to self-isolate while awaiting Covid-19 test results. This includes not visiting your pharmacy in person under any circumstances.”

She continued: “As the first point of contact most people have with our healthcare system, pharmacies are playing an important role. However, entering the pharmacy while awaiting a test result puts both pharmacy staff and other patients and customers at risk. We ask that instead, people contact their local pharmacy if they need medicine and arrange for someone else to collect on their behalf. Otherwise, ask the pharmacy if they can offer a home delivery service.”

Ms O’Riordan concluded: “The HSE has provided a lot of information on when and how people should self-isolate or restrict their movements, and we urge people to follow this advice to protect others and help us all in the fight against Covid-19.”