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In place of a congress this year, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) has launched a new programme of digital events in order to provide pharmacists around the world with continued opportunities to learn and contribute to the FIP’s efforts. This includes more than 170 events broken into several different series. 
The development of some of these series and confirmation of speakers is ongoing, said the FIP, but it confirmed that the series will cover antimicrobial resistance, communicable diseases, immunisation, digital health, air pollution and primary healthcare, among other topics. Among the major aspects of the series are:

  • Covid-19 — Collaborating through the pandemic: 13 events.

A wide range of areas will be addressed by this series, ranging from the experiences of Covid-19 frontline workers (18 May) and the evidence behind therapies (24 August), to professional resilience and wellbeing (5 October) and post-pandemic recovery and restoration of services (12 July).

  • Shaping the future of self-care for all through pharmacy: 18 events, starting 19 May.

This model of care has become more prominent during the Covid-19 pandemic. Eight events will focus on how self-care can be enabled through community pharmacy. Attendees will have the opportunity to find out about the future of self-care, needs and challenges, with input from the Global Self-care Federation, at the first event. Other events will focus on related topics, including health literacy, digital services and market forces. Eight episodes are aimed at community pharmacy teams’ support for self-care of specific conditions, such as children’s health and women’s health.

  • Transforming pharmacy: 21 events (started 22 March).

In September 2020, the FIP published 21 goals to support the transformation of the pharmacy profession around the world: The FIP Development Goals (DGs). A series of events aims to provide insight into and direction and tools for each goal individually. Among the goals are antimicrobial stewardship, patient safety and sustainability in pharmacy. Two events have already run (addressing equity and equality) and the FIP has made a recording available from this series, as well as the series on access to medicines. An event on 29 April focused on communicable diseases.

The full programme for this series is available at