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Hints And Tips On How To Engage Your Ostomy Patients

United Drug were delighted to welcome back Coloplast for another Ostomy Webinar session in February. In addition to their dedicated Ostomy Care Team, United Drug partner with their suppliers to disseminate as much educational material as possible in their ongoing mission to help their customers to reach out to their ostomy patients and offer the care and support they need.

Their aim is to provide a service that includes educational materials, customer support and an extensive product range, all of which ensures better quality of life and patient care where possible.

The webinar was led by Lucy Fitzgerald, a Coloplast Ostomy Nurse, and she touched on the top-five frequentlyasked questions by ostomy patients. The goal was to help empower pharmacists to chat confidently to ostomates and help them get the support that suits their individual needs.

The discussion also identified and reviewed patient needs, treatments, useful tips, and guidance on how best to interact with the ostomates at the pharmacy. Lucy also provided an information booklet, launched recently by Coloplast, to assist the pharmacist to have better conversations with ostomates.


To access the webinar recording, please log on to www., where you will find the video recap and its materials within our resource hub. The webinar materials can be found in the description box of the video recording. Lucy was also joined by Kathy Daly, an ostomy patient.

Kathy gave an invaluable insight from her perspective on how important the community pharmacist is to her care and how this additional community support can assist in helping ostomates to live a full and comfortable life.


Effective ways to have the conversation with your ostomy patients. Correct usage of technical product language for discussions with ostomates.

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