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“Regulatory changes and Covid- 19 had a significant impact on the pharmacist supply market and led to a huge shortage of qualified pharmacists in Ireland”, according to The Pharmacist Panel (TPP), which provides a service for the supply of pharmacists in the Irish market. Mr Mike Carroll, Co-Founder of The Pharmacist Panel, said: “A portion of the overseas pharmacists returned to their native country once the pandemic commenced.

Coupled with the fact that overseas pharmacists were unable to migrate to Ireland with Government restrictions in place, we needed to help recruit pharmacists from abroad and support overseas candidates in achieving the necessary accreditations required to work in Ireland and we needed a scalable pharmacist recruitment technology solution to do this.” TPP selected TEKenable as its preferred solution provider, and TEKenable proposed Salesforce as the platform for this solution.

The solution includes a public website, a self-service portal, which both candidates and clients alike can access to manage vacancies and vacancy applications, said TPP. “We now have a scalable pharmacist recruitment CRM solution that allows us to manage the recruitment, on-boarding, compliance and ongoing management of placed candidates all on the one platform,” said Mr Carroll.

“The cloud-based intuitive solution allows us to deliver at scale with less human resources required, which supports business growth and diversification.” TPP has said it has candidates from within the EU being placed into pharmacist jobs, as well as other non-EU candidates from India, Pakistan and Nigeria that the company is supporting through the registration process, which is a longer process. It will be later this year or during 2023 before it can fully achieve its ambitions of working in Ireland as fully registered pharmacists, it said.