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Pictured Above: Ludmilla, 40-years-old, and her son Vladislav, 11-years-old, are being checked by Kirill, Kelly and Grisha from MSF in a metro station in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Ludmilla used to be a refuelling operator before the war, in the surroundings of Kharkiv city. For two weeks, she stayed home under the bombings, but one day, a loud explosion was too close and she came to live in the subway. “I was very scared and worried for my child when I saw him pressing our cat on his chest, saying: ‘Mommy, I don’t want to die’.” Photo: Adrienne Surprenant/MYOP .

MSF logistics teams in Bordeaux- Mérignac, France, preparing medical supplies for Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Photo: Remi Decoster

Medicinal supplies in Bordeaux- Mérignac, France, prepared for Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Photo: Remi Decoster 

MSF team visiting metro stations in Kharkiv to provide medical consultations to people sheltering there. Pictured are Dr Lisa Searle with the Metro mobile clinic team, Dr Javid Abdelmonein, and translators Anton and Alina. Photo: Sergei Mashoshin/MSF 

Medicine ready to be given to patients at an MSF mobile clinic in a metro station where people hide from bombings and now live, in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Photo: Adrienne Surprenant/MYOP