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New research from RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences has analysed the impact of Ireland’s only obesity service for children and adolescents. The study, conducted by the RCSI Obesity Research and Care Group and published in Frontiers in Nutrition, found that the W82GO Child and Adolescent Obesity Service at CHI Temple Street improves obesity-related outcomes for children and adolescents. 

The W82GO Service is the only dedicated centre for paediatric and adolescent obesity management in the Republic of Ireland. It delivers tailored obesity interventions, including dietetic, psychological, medical, physiotherapy and medical social work support, as recommended by scientific guidelines. 

As part of the W82GO Service, patients are referred by a paediatrician and then assessed by a physiotherapist, dietician and psychologist to develop personalised obesity treatment plans with the family, based on the child’s age and clinical need. 

In this study, the researchers looked at outcomes for almost 700 children and adolescents from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds who had engaged with the service over 12 years. By comparing growth chart data from the baseline and final visit, they showed an overall reduction in sex- and age-adjusted BMI across the cohort, indicating that engagement with the Service is linked to improvements in health.