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PsO Let’s Talk Psoriasis, a new video and podcast series by Janssen Sciences Ireland UC, has been launched to support and empower people living with psoriasis as they await access to vital healthcare services. 

Psoriasis is a chronic, systemic inflammatory skin disorder that affects at least 73,000 people in Ireland. People living with skin conditions, including psoriasis, are experiencing some of Ireland’s longest delays to access the specialist care they desperately need. Hosted by broadcaster, Dr Ciara Kelly, PsO Let’s Talk Psoriasis is the first series of its kind designed to bridge this gap in support, by providing access to expert guidance from leading Irish dermatologists and healthcare professionals to help people manage their psoriasis while they wait to access specialist care. 

Prof Brian Kirby, Consultant Dermatologist, St Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin, who features in the series, said: “The key for a person who is newly diagnosed with psoriasis is to understand that with access to modern therapies, 99 per cent of psoriasis patients can have their disease controlled adequately. While waiting lists continue to be an issue that has worsened through the pandemic, people living with psoriasis can take steps to manage their condition while they wait. This video and podcast series is an ideal platform to provide vital information, in an accessible format, from the healthcare professionals they are waiting to see.” 

A wide range of critical topics are covered in the podcast series, such as: Understanding your diagnosis; treatment options; mental health; other related conditions; managing a flare; stigma; self-image; resilience; diet and nutrition; and paediatric psoriasis. 

The experts also respond to some of the most frequently asked questions from those living with psoriasis and set the record straight on some widely-held myths. 

As well as Prof Kirby, the series includes some of Ireland’s leading healthcare experts in dermatology and further afield, including: Selene Daly, Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Dermatology at Sligo University Hospital, Clinical Nurse Manager and Clinical Nurse Specialist in Paediatric Dermatology, Tallaght University Hospital; and Prof Douglas Veale, Consultant Rheumatologist and Professor of Medicine, St Vincent’s University Hospital. PsO Let’s Talk Psoriasis is available free of charge online with four episodes, at www. pso-lets-talk-psoriasis. The podcast audio versions are also available wherever you access your podcasts.