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Ireland’s first drink-spiking detection test, CYD Check Your Drink, has released the results of a nationwide survey on drink-spiking, shedding light on the issue’s prevalence and impact on the Irish population.

According to the survey, more than half of respondents, at 57 per cent, know someone who has been spiked in the past, while nearly 19 per cent of respondents self-reported being spiked themselves at some time.

When asked about their feelings towards drink-spiking, 54 per cent of people said they were more afraid of being spiked now than in the last five years, while 30 per cent reported having the same level of concern as before.

The survey indicates that the Irish population is more aware of drink-spiking issues than before and recognises the need to address the problem. 

CYD – Check Your Drink believes that these insights can be used by media outlets to increase awareness about the issue and solutions.

Commenting on the research, Owen McKeon, CEO of Phrassa, CYD Check Your Drink stated: “Our research clearly shows that drink-spiking is a pervasive problem in Ireland, and it’s time we took action… It’s our hope that Check Your Drink’s self-test kits will become a standard part of any night out, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a safe and positive social experience.”

CYD Check Your Drink was introduced into Ireland in 2022 and operates in both Ireland and the UK. Their self-test kits are available for purchase in all major pharmacies.

The tests can be bought in a single package containing five tests. It can be used by adding a single drop of the drink to be tested, and within seconds, the test can indicate the presence of the drugs Ketamine and GHB, which are commonly used for drink-spiking.